Handmade Swarovski Amethyst Amethyst Chatons with Platinum Swarovski Pearls 7''Bracelet 21''Necklace.


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Handmade Swarovski Amethyst  mix with Light Amethyst Chatons with Platinum Swarovski Pearls  7'' Bracelet and 21'' Necklace.  Made by 8mm Amethyst   4mm Platinum  Swarovski Peals with Amethyst Bicone Bracelet and Necklace and ending with 2 stand Clasp and Magnetic Clasp. 

Hand Crafted Swarovski Bracelet Feminine Stone Designer bracelet for Women & Girls. Natural Stone bracelet and Necklace being the symbol of love, with a cute heart placed White pearls multi designer and expressing design to present with this crystal bracelet and Necklace in light and dark Amethyst  shade. This Hand Made Crystal set  is a Perfect in your Jewelry Collection for formal or casual wear.

We Have Custom Made Order Option. We Can Make Matching Bracelet /Necklace/Ring/ Earring and/or Customize the Jewelry Per Your Style, Color Choices.